Brad Sydnor

Profile Updated: February 24, 2013
Residing In: Phoenix, AZ USA
Spouse/Partner: Maureen Sullivan
Occupation: Architecture / Engineer
Children: Samuel Sydnor born 1995
Yes! Attending Reunion

After graduating from high school, I have gone to Logan, Utah to attend at Utah State University for Landscape Architecture for two years. There I was a member and President of Hearing Impaired Student Association for the State of Utah. I was on the tennis team and was the coach of the Tennis Girls Team. I met my future wife Maureen. She was a sport fanatic. She on the diving team, swim team and tennis team. But she plays other sports as well. We both thought to go separate ways because we were young thinking about our careers. She was going back to SMU in Texas and I was going back to ASU. But both of the advices from others has taken a turn. I have ended up at U of A and she ended the same place? But both of us had never knew that we would bump each other again on the boardwalk at U of A. So we got back together again. I have changed my major to Architecture and my minor was Landscape Architecture and my wife was Recreation and switch to Physical Education. We have both attended at U of A for four years. I was alos attended Pima Community College to polish my drafting skills (before computers). I was on the Tennis Team but Architecture took the oath.

During and after schooling, I had worked wih my dad's company The Sydnor Architecture Company. Then later work at IBM in Tucson then work LSW Engineers in Phoenix then back to Tucson ADP Architecture/Engineering Firm then back up to Phoenix Pearson Engineering, Baltes and Valentino Engineering, Kunka Engineering, Jacob Engineering and then present for 14 years Smithgroupjjr. I'm senority for Architecture and Engineering Firm. I do large and small commercial projects Hospitals, Health Care, Universities, Schools, Offices, Banks, Boarder Patrols and etc. In the pass from time to time do Remodeling Projects, Contract Work, Design and Supervising Consultant Work for various projects.

My wife was daughter of Brig. General Dennis B. Sullivan who was the boss for several Air Force bases in U.S. He is responsible for Missles Sites and a Wing Commander for the Blackbird XR71. He works for the CIA as well. He was a spy on Russia back in 1980's. He was a Man of Aviation Honor Award for his flying in 2011. He was in the Korean War from 1953 to 1955. He was a Capt. in Navy before he cross over Air Force. My wife has moved 25 times throughout her life around the country. She was born in New Foundland, Canada. We were married in Tucson, Davis Monthan Air Force Base in 1990. Here father was the boss of that base.

I do have many hobbies and sports - running, tennis, astronomer, genealogist since 18 yrs old., reader, write books, researcher, traveling and many types of artwork. Many may know me usually has called me the Extreme. My son Sam seems to follow my steps: I have told my son when he was 4 yrs old to remember five things to balance your life: 1. Education, 2. Physical Activities: Drilling and Leisure, 3. Spirital or Religion to fulfill your faith, 4. Giving out feelings: music and artwork and 5. Do something that is rewarding for doing your hardship is having fun.

There are many things that had happen a long the way good or bad but some how we all had jump over the hurdles to get on the other side and moving forward. Life do go by like a flash so cherished it, enjoy it and have fun.

School Story:

There are a lot of memories that hae not been forgotten. I do have a vivid memory knowing what people do, what they say and what they did. They were funny, hilarious, mean, stupidity, laughing and yet still enjoyable no matter how weird it can be. That what makes life interesting. There are many of you I do remember and what to thank you not just to one person but to all of you.

I did attend a party where there were a lot of drinking but I didn't drink then aand still haven't to this day. I saw one girl had a drink but somehow she was losing her control and got scared. I knew someone had put something in her drink. I had asked her if she's ok or do you need me to take you home? She said yes and so I did. There are other moments in our Tennis Team. Rex Johnson our Tennis Coach was a thinker and he believes treating everybody equally. He gave anybody or everyone to have an apportunity to play. We had about forty players to challenge each other and yet it was tougher than our School Matches. My record as well other tennis players had never lost a match in those four years. I have respected to anyone, i have never really have doubted anybody. I didn't want anybody to be left outof the crowd. i want everybody to be included. There was a award I had recieved coming from Saguaro High School for Designing Housing Competition using Solar and Heating Energy Efficient. This was sponsored by AIA and ASU College Competiton. I had compete with McClintock High School to achive this award. I was a junior then and competing with ASU wasn't easy. It took me six months to make the plan. It was the drafting teacher idea to make this happen. I thank him for that. There were many wonderful stories that people have done is beyond me, ha ha. Designing the float in the senior was a great experinece and actually putting it together was fun. But it wasn't exactly finish. It has a "1978" letters with a pose "Saber Cat" playing a guitar lying on the sideways on top. I was a normal guy and not being ego or low standard of an individual. I just respected for other opinions or critics. The most funny experience would be for reading lips of what other people have said and many times were not of my business. I would sometime translate on what other people said for something who would like to know. I might add more later, thanks for reading.

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Brad Sydnor has a birthday today.
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